About Us

Grasshoppers and silkworm pupae were common foods until 80's in Korea. As our economy advanced, we have come to consume more meat and sugar, rather than insects.


After the Food and Agriculture Organization's report on edible insects, people are becoming more interested in them. Even some countries that have never eaten insects before, like European countries and Northern America countries, are starting to invest in entomophagy, the practice of consuming insects.


 handout in Korean 


Inspired by our history, we began researching what we had eaten in the past. Edible insects are now considered as a promising food source for the future. Our goal is to reintroduce and reinvent of eating insects.


As our first step, we are offering energy bars and cookies.
We also run an "entomophagy cafe" in Seoul, Korea
 newly opened in Busan, Korea (2015.July)
We're planning to expand our stores to all the main cities in Korea.
New one will be opened 양재, which is in GangNam Area, in March 2016.

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