About Us

Future Food Lab. is developing insect as sustainable protein. Product range: Well-processed edible insect itself and food materials such as cookies, protein bars using edible insects.

We places safety and quality control first in all processes. Complies with all laws/systems within Korea includingthe Food Sanitation Law.


Photos of us : https://goo.gl/photos/jqDrfpLFWHjoPp2v8 


Dried Edible Insects

We provide insects as ingredients: meal worm, white-spotted flower chaffer,  cricket, silkworm.

They are all well dried and edible on the spot.
It is provided in two types, original and powder. Skimmed powder and oil are available for mealworms.



Edible Insect Snacks

There are largely three types of confectionaries that use mealworms and crickets as ingredients:

Cookies, protein bars, health supplements and drink products.






Edible Coffee (closed now) 

Edible Coffee : Our third entomophay Cafe in Seoul(2016.May)
Our signature menu
Mealworm 300 Shake made with more than 300 mealworms
Cricket Spread & Bagel
Contat us : contact@fflab.kr