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Edible Inc. is developing insect as sustainable protein. Product range: Well-processed edible insect itself and Food materials, Snacks, Noodles, and Health supplements using edible insects

We places safety and quality control first in all processes from farming insects to preprocessing, processing, distribution. Complies with all laws/systems within Korea includingthe Food Sanitation Law.


Photos of us : https://goo.gl/photos/jqDrfpLFWHjoPp2v8 


Dried Edible Insects

We provide 6 types of insects as ingredients: meal worm, white-spotted flower chaffer beetle larvae, cricket, silkworm, locust, and rhinoceros beetle larvae.

They are all well dried and edible on the spot.
It is provided in two types, original and powder. Skimmed powder and oil are available for mealworms.



Edible Insect Snacks

There are largely three types of confectionaries that use mealworms, silkworms, and crickets as ingredients: Cookies, energy bars, and nut snacks. There are two types, one with insects visible just like an almond,and the other invisible by using insect powder.

The nut snack contains almonds, cashew nuts, and mealworms,
with either onion or cheese flavored seasonings.


 handout in Korean 



Nature Amino-Complex

“Nature Amino Complex” with astonishing insect concentration of 70%, was developed for high quality protein intake.
It is good for the elders with insufficient protein intake and children of growth period, also it is suitable for those with eating disorders or 
those who don’t eat meat.

It is rich in essential amino acids and
you can also take in chitin and various minerals that insects possess.



Edible Coffee (cafe) 

As our first step, we are offering energy bars and cookies.

We also run an "entomophagy cafe" in Seoul, Korea
 newly opened in Busan, Korea (2015.July)
Edible Coffee : Our third entomophay Cafe in Seoul(2016.May)
Our signature menu
Mealworm 300 Shake made with more than 300 mealworms
Cricket Spread & Bagel
We're planning to expand our stores to all the main cities in Korea.
See more : edible-coffee.com

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